Cold pressing

Cold pressing technology

Oil press PHP is intended for cold oil extraction from the seeds of rape, sunflower, flax-seed, mustand and other oil-bearing crops. The process of extraction goes at temperature not more than 50oC. This is the main condition for further production of BIO-FUEL from rape oil. Oil press is simple to operate, made for day and night work, served by one person.

Technical characteristiks of oil press PHP

Modification PHP-200 PHP-500
Output, kg/hr (t/day) 200 (4,8) 500 (12)
Power consumption kWt 11 15
Dimensions: length, width, height, mm 2500Х1200Х1500 2750Х1500Х1750
Weight 900 1400
Power supply electric parameters 3 - phase, 380 V
Raw product for processing Seeds of sunflower, rape, soy, nuts, jatropha, etc.
Products of processing vegetable oil, granulated oilcake.
Operating mode continuous
Maintenance, person one

Some peculiarities of oil expression from rape seeds at the PHP oil press

For the oil expression from rape seeds one does not need any change-over in the oil press. For rape processing there can be used seeds with humidity range of 7-10%. Fore more dry seeds it is necessary to make their preliminary moistening by water by its spraying or blending. With more humid seeds there must be done their preliminary predrying.

An exclusive feature of this EXPELLER /oil press/ is a capability of obtaining the oil of rape at the single final squeezing of seeds